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Installing Deliverance as an NT service

Deliverance has been given a wrapper class so it can run as an NT service.
The program used to install and run the application as a service is written by Silver Egg Technology and called
"Java Service Wrapper" Copyright (c) 2001 Silver Egg Technology
It is licenced free of charge.

A batch file exists to install as a service In a command (DOS) window, change directory to the directory where deliverence was unzipped and run
>NTservice install
>NTservice start
the wrapper.log file reports errors and the standard out and standard error.

Do not try to run the script from the wrong directory because the wrapper.conf file has relative directories.
If you wish to move the configuration or any DeliveranceMail files to another directory, or edit the wrapper.conf file, make sure you uninstall the service first. If you don't unistall before moving or editing, you may never be able to uninstall the service using the tools provided.
To uninstall run
>NTservice stop
>NTservice uninstall

To change the configuration file, for example, to add files to the classpath uninstall and edit wrapper.conf. The file includes comments and is self explanatory. The only gotcha is to ensure that each wrapper.java.classpath.X entry has a different index . If not the service will not be able to find one of the duplicated classpath entries.