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DeliveranceMail overview

This version of Deliverance is a server that can send graphical emails that are written as JSPs. An example configuration is included that sends out example emails.

There are many tools around to manually create graphical email, DeliveranceMail allows Java developers to easily write emails that can programatically obtain their content from databases, files ldap servers of any other source that is compatabile with Java. These emails, once coded, can be automated and scheduled.

A simple example application could be as follows.

A system to generate full color brouchures with content from an online catalog whose data is stored in a database. Graphic designers can develop the HTML pages, with a small amount of work from the Java developer these pages can be turned into JSPs to populated them with data from the catalog.
The DeliveranceMail server can then be configured to regularly email (say monthly) a list of interested clients graphical emails with the current catalog data.

DeliveranceMail can also be used to send out graphical emails triggered by events on other systems. For example usually when a user logs into a website they are automatically sent drab text emails confirming their registration. DeliveranceMail allows these emails to be easily developed in HTML design tools to present a better image for the site.

In order to use or develop for DeliveranceMail you should first familiarise yourself with JSP's created using JSPTemplates

N.B. Deliverance is a messaging server that is designed to deliver a viariety of message formats over a viariety of network protocols. It is currently only in beta but has been released here as an example of the JSPTemplates engine. The final version will have more functionality but this version should only be used to generate graphical emails. There is quite a lot of redundant code in the download that is part of the wider Deliverance project. Please feel free to experiment with the other transfer mechanisms such as HTTP and please report back your findings.