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JSP tempate engine

Based on the tomcat 3.2 JSP parser, JSPTemplate allows the use of most standard JSP tags to create templates.

The JSPTemplates project supports the following features.

  • JSP syntax for embedding Java code into templates.
  • Familiar JSP concepts such as parameter passing and sessions.
  • Templates compile into classes when run for the first time.
  • Basic support for taglibs.
  • Configurable properites files similar to servlet configs.
  • Session storage for the engine and the JSP.

The JSPTemplates is currently being used the following applications.

  • Static HTML page generation - Precompiling complex pages to increase the speed of websites.
  • Dynamic email generation - Generating emails which are mostly text but may also interact with a database.
  • Dynamic XML generation - Generating XML from a database of information.
  • Dynamic PDF generation - Combined with apache FOP the JSPTemplate engine is used to dynamically generate XML to generate PDFs.
  • If you have any other uses please post a message on the forum.


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